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Prompt: Regina most certainly does not sneeze like a kitten thank you very much. Emma, Henry, stop laughing right now. :)

Thanks for the prompt :) 

"Stop it Miss Swan. You too Henry," Regina warns though the threat is diminished by her red eyes and sniffly nose. Cursed cold she thinks with a huff as she glares at the people across the table from her. 

"Sorry Mom but it’s so funny," Henry laughs. 

"Remember who buys your curly fries Henry," Regina says. 

"Don’t worry kid. I’ll buy you some," Emma says with a grin, "And don’t be so annoyed. It’s cute." 

"I am not cute. I am a Mayor and a Queen." 

"You can still be a cute queen," Emma points out. 

"Well I’m not," Regina replies, "I am menacing and strike fear into the hearts of -a-a-achoo!" She sneezes once more and scowls. Unfortunately her sneezes are high-pitched and squeaky or as Emma described them "kittenesque." Regina has tried to argue with this but do sound eerily like a cute little meow - not that she will ever admit that. 

Across the table her son and girlfriend laugh.

"Stop laughing at me," Regina says, her voice laced with irritation. 

"We can’t help it Mom," Henry replies as he tries to get his giggles under control, "every time we manage to stop you sneeze again." 

"Clearly your fault Regina," Emma adds with a playful smile to let Regina know she’s joking. 

Regina rolls her eyes, “I have two children.”

"And we have a cute little kitty cat." 

"Call me that again and I’ll turn your burgers into salads." 


Swen Appreciation:

rosesdancinginmymind is so sweet. I love that she does all the prompts given to her, mine included. I like her.

Aw thank you :)


Swen Appreciation:

rosesdancinginmymind is so sweet. I love that she does all the prompts given to her, mine included. I like her.

Aw thank you :)

Fic Update: Elsa’s Mission Chapter Five

Thank you for the reviews to the last chapter and again to nannyalberte for prompting me to write my own version of Season Four. I don’t own Once (sadly but ah if I did!) or its characters. Apologies for any mistakes and I hope you enjoy this chapter :)

"So how exactly does Operation Fox start?" Henry asks as he and Elsa walk stealthily through side streets and dark alleys.

"With us being secretive and not being spotted," Elsa whispers back as she peers beyond the corner to check no-one will see them. If they get caught now then they’re screwed and, if she exists, she’ll never hear the end of it.

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Regina: Here we go again.

Emma: Urgh really? Didn't we just defeat someone?

Regina: Yes dear but it appears a hero's work is never done.

Emma: Couldn't she at least have waited until after lunch?

Regina: Would you prefer evil called you beforehand to set up a meeting?

Emma: Well it would be more convenient and we could have lunch with our son in peace.

Regina: Perhaps you could use some of this charm on Elsa and we'll have ice-cream instead.

Emma or Regina broke their leg and they need help with everything – butterflykisses0


Regina hurries up the stairs to where her injured wife lays. “What’s wrong? Are you okay?” she asks worriedly. Since Emma managed to break her leg after running after Pongo, Regina’s protective instincts have flared right up.

“I’m fine,” Emma says to reassure her wife.

“Good. So what do you need?”

Emma smiles sheepishly, “I was playing catch with my phone and it fell over there.”

Regina chuckles before walking across the room and handing it to Emma, “Phones are not toys Emma.”

“They are when you’re stuck up here over nothing,” Emma grumbles.

Regina frowns, “It is not nothing Emma. You broke your leg. You can’t walk without crutches let alone navigate the stairs and before you ask you are not going back to work because knowing you you’ll try to hop after that damn Dalmatian.”

“You love him really.”

“I did until he broke my wife’s leg.”

“My leg is fine,” Emma insists.

“Really?” Regina challenges, “Okay then get up.”

Emma frowns at her petulantly, “You know I can’t.” She sighs in frustration before wrapping her arms around herself, “I hate not being able to do anything. Plus it means I take you away from your work because you have to take care of me.”

Regina knows that being stuck and injured drives her wife stir crazy and she wraps an arm around her wife’s shoulders, “You’re not a burden Emma. I can work here. I know not being able to go out drives you crazy but at least we get more alone time together.”

At that Emma smiles before kissing her wife, “I suppose there is a good side. Just let me know if I start to drive you crazy.”

“Oh Emma I think we passed that point when you first showed up in town and cut down my apple tree.” 

Oneshot: Lily

Based on a prompt from Regina fan which I’ve included at the bottom because of it’s length.

Summary: Regina thinks she can’t get pregnant but true love breaks all curses…

SwanQueen and SwanMillsFamily fluff. Hope you all enjoy :)

"Do you ever think about expanding our family?" Emma asks one night as Henry snoozes on the couch beside them.

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it even LOOKS like a garden wedding arch. LOL

So in the new promo Hook is alone and Emma and Regina are together.

Emma and Regina are stronger together and are an awesome team. Magic connection, co-mothers, secret lesbians, defeaters of pretty much everything.

Or in other words infinitely better than Hook and Emma together.

(Also appreciating the fact that we go from Snow and Charming (TL couple) and the next couple we see is Emma and Regina)