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Fic Update: Getting Back Our Happy Ending Chapter Six

Hi all, a shockingly quick update but I couldn’t get this chapter out of my head so I had to write it sooner than I thought I would. Thank you for all your feedback so far. 

Apologies for any mistakes. Hope you enjoy this chapter :)

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So I have to wait three weeks for a new New Girl episode and then there’s another week break?! 


Can I not get a few episodes of it in a row rather than some sort of weird once a fortnight ration of New Girl?

*Emma comes downstairs to find Regina sitting crosslegged in the living room eating an Easter egg with chocolate round her face*

Emma: Busted!

Regina *jumps*: Emma! What are you doing up?

Emma: I knew you had a secret stash of Easter chocolate.

Regina *blushes*: How?

Emma: Because I know you. Plus I kept hearing you get up in the middle of the night and come downstairs.

Regina: But I was so quiet.

Emma: But I have a special chocolate sense that tells me when people are going to eat their chocolate.

Regina: That's not a real thing.

Emma: Sure it is. Call it a saviour super power.

Regina: You're just call all your hunches saviour super powers aren't you?

Emma: Yep.

*She suddenly closes her eyes before poofing the chocolate away*

Regina: My chocolate!

Emma: I've been practising my magic.

Regina: Very good dear. Where is my chocolate?

Emma: Upstairs. If you're going to eat you may as well come back to bed and share it with me.

Regina: I can't believe you poofed away my chocolate. It better all be in one piece.

Anonymous asked
This fandom needs some fluff right now, so could i request a prompt where Emma finds out Regina's super ticklish and takes advantage of the information. Love you writing btw!

Thanks anon. I’m going to combine this with another similar prompt I had:

Please could you do either a swan queen night in and Emma really wants to know something that Regina won’t tell her or really wants Regina to do something an no matter how hard she tries Regina won’t give in, and then she realises Regina is really quite ticklish! - x-Lady-Rouge-x

Hope you like it :) 

Regina lies on the bed flicking through a magazine as she waits for Emma to come home. She hates it when Emma works late. It always makes her worry about whether or not she’s safe. Plus she misses Emma most in the evenings.

Come home soon Emma she thinks before trying to focus on her magazine.

She smiles when she hears footsteps in the hallway. She knows what it means, it means Emma is back. She throws her magazine aside letting it hit the bedside table with a thud before waiting for Emma to come upstairs.

Emma wanders through the door with an exhausted exasperated expression on her face that tells Regina she’s had a long day. When she spots her girlfriend laying on the bed Emma grins before leaning down in front of her. She gives Regina a long tender kiss.

“Hm I missed you,” Emma says as she rests her forehead against Regina’s.

“Me too. Long day?”

“Ugh too long,” Emma says with a groan before moving to lay down next to her girlfriend.

“How can I help?” Regina asks resting her hand on Emma’s lower back.

Emma sidles closer to her, “Tell me something.”

“Like what?”

“Like a secret. Something I don’t know about you.” Emma loves finding out little things about Regina. Regina smiles at her, “Like what?”

Emma chews her lip, “Like I’m ticklish under my right elbow.”

“You are?”

“Yep. There’s my secret. Now it’s your turn.”

Regina grins playfully at her, “I don’t remember agreeing to that.”

Emma pouts, “No fair. Come on Regina.”


“Aw. No super sensitive spots?”

“I think you know those already dear,” Regina replies with a wink and Emma grins, “That I do but not like that.”

“I’m not telling” Regina singsongs.

“Why not?”

“Because. If we end up in a tickle war I know where to get you.”

“So you’re not telling me because it’s hypothetical tickle war strategy?”

“Exactly dear.”

“Well then I’ll just have to investigate myself,” Emma says with a determined brow before tickling the bottom of Regina’s feet. No reaction. She frowns before tickling up her legs. Regina twitches a little but no more.

“Oh come on. You have to be ticklish somewhere,” Emma says with a slight huff. Admittedly she prefers this investigation to any other kind she has to do at work. At least this is fun. Plus she enjoys this playful side of Regina that she gets to see.

“You’ll never know,” Regina teases rolling away from Emma who sees it as a challenge. She leans over Regina kissing her softly before moving to tickle under her neck and by her ears. Nothing. Emma frowns before looking over Regina’s body.

She draws a finger down Regina’s chest before resting it over her stomach. She grins when she sees Regina squirm. Finally! She raises a brow at Regina who tries to keep her face still. Emma’s smile only grows wider upon seeing that knowing she has found it.

She tickles that spot and Regina squeals indicating Emma’s victory.

“Knew you were ticklish” Emma says before tickling her there again. Regina bucks trying to get Emma to stop as she laughs. She leans up to try and tickle Emma’s elbow but all that happens is a slight jerk and a small giggle.

“Is that it?” Regina asks.

“Yeah. I’m not as ticklish as you are” Emma replies tickling Regina again. She was surprised at just how ticklish Regina is. She has ticklish spots but nowhere near as bad as Regina. Regina lunges up trying to find other ticklish spots until the pair of them wind up in a tickle war.

After about ten minutes Regina yelps, “Stop.” She pants through her laughter as she tries to recover her senses. Emma grins at her giving her tummy one last tickle. Regina laughs again, “Stop it Emma.”

Emma kisses her resting her hand on Regina’s tummy. “Okay. I love you.”

“Love you too,” Regina says, “Even if you aren’t really ticklish.”

“I am ticklish. Just not as much as you,” Emma replies tickling her again. Regina giggles before scowling at her. Emma holds her hands up, “Okay I’ll stop.”

“So infuriating.”

“Nah just brilliant at tickle fights.”

Regina rolls her eyes before kissing her girlfriend. It’s always much better when Emma’s here, it’s always a lot more fun. She rests her hand on the back of Emma’s neck before feeling how she jumps slightly. Regina grins before tickling the spot and hearing Emma try to stifle a laugh.

“Round Two,” she declares determined that this time victory will be hers. 

Anonymous asked
What do you study?

English and American Literature at Keele University


“I have a headcanon that the new Snowing baby is going to be really attached to Regina. Like, whenever Regina holds the baby, it’ll stop crying and smile. When he or she is older, they will loving sitting on Regina’s lap and wanting her to play with them. I’m gonna hold onto this theory.”


I have a headcanon that the new Snowing baby is going to be really attached to Regina. Like, whenever Regina holds the baby, it’ll stop crying and smile. When he or she is older, they will loving sitting on Regina’s lap and wanting her to play with them. I’m gonna hold onto this theory.”

Fic Update: When Worlds Collide Chapter 13

Apologies for the delay. I have all my final essays due in three weeks and so uni work is taking over my life at the moment. Thank you for all the reviews for the last chapter. Glad you’re enjoying the fic so far and I hope you enjoy this chapter :)

(There be smut in this chapter)

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*Set around 3x17*

Snow: Dinner at Granny's?

*Hook leaves and Emma notices Regina's hesitant look*

Emma: Regina you coming?

Regina: What?

Emma: Dinner. You in?

Regina: I'm invited?

Emma: Of course. Why wouldn't you be?

Regina: Well after you came back from the enchanted forest I didn't and let's face it the party didn't go too well for me.

Emma: I know but it's different now. You're family so come on and let's go to dinner. Fries on me.

Regina: You think I want fries?

Emma: It will stop you stealing mine.