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pancakeshio asked
Prompt: Regina is the one going back in time, but she goes back to Emma´s past. She sees what Emma went through as a kid. She tries not to interfere but she helps young Emma without her knowing and thinking she´s just lucky.

Thanks for the prompt :) 

TW for child abuse mentions. 

Regina doesn’t think before she acts. She sees the time portal opening up and just like two years ago when Emma did the same for her, Regina shoves Emma out of the way, saving her, before falling through herself.

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Fluffy SwanQueen Headcanon

Regina loves having her hair brushed.

Emma figures this out one day when she runs her fingers through Regina’s hair to soothe her into sleep after a long day. 

At first Regina refuses to admit that she loves the feel of Emma brushing her hair.

Gradually Regina opens up to these touches until they reach a point where when she comes out of the shower she hands Emma her hairbrush and lets her girlfriend take care of her.

Fic Update: Getting Back Our Happy Ending Chapter Eighteen

Thank you for the feedback for the last chapter. I don’t own Once or its characters. Thank you to DefendMyGirlsHonor for the prompt. Apologies for any mistakes and I hope you like this part :)

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Anonymous asked
can you write a story wherein Regina and Emma are dating but try to stay professional at work so Regina is still extremely critical of Emma's paperwork (calling her an idiot while dropping off paper for Emma to redo and such) and doesn't realize she's really hurting Emma's feelings until someone (not Snow or David though) clues her in after they found Emma crying.

Thanks for the prompt :) 

"Miss Swan this paperwork looks like it was completed by your baby brother. Please do it again and make it legible this time," Regina snarks as she drops the file in front of the Sheriff. 

She hates having to do this. She loves Emma and being this critical is hard. They swore to be professional though and this is how they were when they were professional. It doesn’t name it any easier. All Regina wants to do is walk around the desk, kiss her girlfriend and say screw it to the paperwork. 

When they are at home they can be loving and happy without anyone else’s interference. At home there’s no need to put up a professional pretence. 

Regina thought Emma was okay with them keeping things professional. It was Emma who suggested it. She thought they were okay until one day Ruby comes into her office. Ruby knocks on the door lightly before entering “Hey Regina.” 

"Hello Ruby. How can I help you today?" 

Ruby shifts awkwardly on her feet, “It’s not me. It’s Emma.” 

At that Regina looks up with concern, “Emma? Is she okay?” 

"I don’t know. She’s crying in her office but I don’t know why. She wouldn’t tell me but I thought you should know." 

"Thank you for telling me," Regina says before rushing past Ruby and down to the Sheriff’s station. She runs in and sees that Emma is indeed crying. 

"Em what’s wrong?" Regina asks forgetting all about professionalism. It doesn’t matter now. Making sure Emma is okay is more important to her. 

"I don’t want to be professional anymore," Emma says as Regina pulls her into a comforting embrace. 

Regina stiffens, “I hurt you,” she says quietly before pulling away. 

Emma wipes her tears away, “I know I told you to be professional but I didn’t realise how much it was going to hurt.” 

"Then you should have told me you idiot," Regina replies before seating herself on Emma’s lap. She wipes away one of Emma’s tears with the pad of her thumb, "I hate having to be professional around you. I didn’t think that I might be hurting your feelings and I’m so sorry Emma. I love you and I never want to be the reason you’re in pain. So please, please tell me if I do so I can make it better." 

Emma smiles at her before kissing Regina lovingly, “You make it better just by being here and being my girlfriend. I love you.” 

"I love you too," Regina replies, "No more professionalism." 

"No more professionalism," Emma agrees as they embrace on the chair, "Being here with you like this is much better."

Anonymous asked
Emma and Regina were in love and engaged, then Emma died and Regina can't cope with that and starts acting really crazy. She's at Granny's and someone asks her how she's doing and she replies she's waiting for Emma to come out of bathroom. She just sees her everywhere and doesn't realize Emma died. Thanks.

Thanks for the prompt :) 

This is short and sad . 

Regina walks into the Diner and waits. She does this everyday. She sits and waits for Emma. 

An Emma who won’t return. An Emma who died months ago but who Regina believes is still with her. So Regina waits. She sees Emma wherever she goes. 

One morning after Emma died she let herself play pretend and imagine Emma was still there. 

Then one day she simply kept on pretending. It was easier to be in her illusion where her love was alive and with her than in a reality where there is no Emma. Her heart could not cope with the loss of her fiancee and so she chooses not to face it. 

She doesn’t want to lose Emma again so she doesn’t. 

The first time someone notices something is wrong is four months after Emma’s death. People have barely seen Regina since that fateful day. Even Henry has been hiding away at his grandparents house avoiding the mansion as it is full of memories of Emma that now hurt. 

Regina is in the Diner when Ruby approaches her with a sad look. “How are you doing?” she asks softly. Regina looks at her in confusion, “I’m fine. I’m just waiting for Emma to come out of the bathroom before we have lunch.” 

"But Emma’s…." Ruby trails off unsure what to tell the heartbroken and desperate woman before her. She backs away to tell Granny but neither know what to do. 

All anyone can do is watch as Regina smiles at her conjured Emma before sitting down and ordering pancakes and a burger. The burger goes uneaten and Regina’s the only one who doesn’t seem to notice. 

That was six months ago. Now Regina doesn’t go out at all. When she does people try to tell her that Emma’s dead or that she needs to see Archie. 

She doesn’t. She just wants to be here with Emma in her world where her love never died. So she hides and she waits for Emma to come back to her. 

My ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

*Emma walks into Regina's office. She kneels down in front of the surprised Mayor*

Regina: What are you doing?

Emma: Oh fairest Regina, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

Regina: What?

Emma: I'm serenading you.

Regina: Why?

Emma: Uh....it's romantic and I figured you'd like it.

Regina *smiles*: Emma all you have to do is be you and tell me you love me the way you would not how you think you should.

*Emma hands Regina a rose before kissing her*

Emma: Okay how's this? I love you.

Regina: Perfect. You're perfect to me and I love you too.

Fic Update: It All Started With Lasagne Chapter Four

Thank you to the response for the last chapter. Hope you’re all enjoying it so far. Thank you to ineheram for the original prompt. Apologies for any mistakes and I hope you like this part :)

The pasta burns but neither of them care.

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