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Fic Update: Elsa’s Mission Chapter Seven

Hi all, I meant to have this up sooner but life is lifey and hectic but I’m writing as fast as I can and hoping to do weekly updates. Thank you to the response for the last chapter. Apologies for any mistakes and I hope you like this part :)

"Well I don’t have all day dear, who are you and why did you call me Auntie Z?" Zelena asks with her hands on hips. Don’t get her wrong she’s grateful to have been pulled out of limbo and back to reality but she would like to know why. After all people rarely choose her and on the few occasions it has happened there’s normally a catch.

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And a voice keeps saying, this is where I’m meant to be

I’ll be there someday, I can go the distance
I will find my way, if I can be strong
I know ev’ry mile, will be worth my while
When I go the distance, I’ll be right where I belong

Down an unknown road, to embrace my fate
Though that road may wander, it will lead me to you
And a thousand years, would be worth the wait

Emma smiles as the song plays out alongside the film. She’s always loved this song but it’s never meant as much to her as it does now. Regina snuggles into she remains engrossed in the Disney picture. Emma grins wrapping an arm around Regina and saying, “That’s how I feel about you.” 

Regina looks up at her, “What?” 

"When I’m with you I feel like I’m where I belong. It’s taken a lot of twists and turns to get here but it was all worth it because eventually it led me to you and our wonderful family." 

Regina smiles, “So you would go the distance for me?” 

"I would," Emma replies. 

"And I would for you too dear. I love you," Regina says leaning up to kiss her. Emma kisses her back before smiling brightly, "And I love you too." 

*Regina frowns as she taps a blank card*

Regina: Emma............

Regina: Emma.............................

Regina: Emma........Emma..................Emma

Henry: Mom what are you doing?

*Regina jumps before trying to hard the card*

Regina: Nothing! I'm just sending a gift to a public servant as a thank you for the hard work.

Henry: You're sending roses and chocolate?

Regina *blushing*: They're a very good worker.

Henry *laughs*: Is that why you signed the card 'love Regina'?

*Regina looks to the card as her blush deepens*

Regina: Henry I-

Henry: Mom I know.

Regina: You know?

Henry: I know and if you want my opinion I think your gift will make Ma really happy.

Regina: You do?

Henry: I do.

"What is this madness?!" Regina exclaims glaring at the offending puzzle Emma has placed in front of her. 

Emma chuckles looping her arms around her girlfriend, “It’s called a Sudoku. They’ve been around for ages Regina.”

"Not in Storybrooke," Regina points out, "Besides which what’s the point of them?" 

Emma smiles, “They’re a fun way to pass the time.” 

"Maths is fun?" Regina asks with a sceptical eyebrow raise. 

"You and Henry and your loathing of Maths," Emma laughs loving the little things Regina and their son share. 

Regina smiles too, “Even so dear I can think of better ways to pass the time.” 

Emma chuckles before kissing her, “Tell me more.”

Oneshot: Miss You

AU wherein Cora lives and is the mother Regina always wanted. Their relationship is really good. One day Regina is riding her horse and falls suffering short term memory loss. Cora goes to Regina but Regina is scared of her thinking Cora hasn’t got her heart. Henry tries to help his Mum and moves back in. He and Cora work together to prove Cora isn’t the mother Regina remembers anymore - Regina fan

Thanks for the prompt. I don’t own Once or its characters. Apologies for any mistakes. Hope you all enjoy :)

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Anonymous asked
hi. i am out of my coutry with bad wifi connection and am not sure if you got my prompt. I probably sent it more than once. Thanksgiving Day - Snow has something on gays and starts almost insulting them. Emma stands up for it and eventually Regina helps her. They can come out as lesbians or bi, up to you. ;) thanks a lot.

Hi anon, sorry for the delay - I think my Tumblr ate your original message! Anyway here’s the prompt :) 

"I’m just saying I don’t see what the problem is," Snow says. The air at the Thanksgiving table is thick with tension. It started with Emma making a comment about gay pride and then Snow opened her big mouth with the words, "Why do they need pride?" 

Emma could have gritted her teeth and sat through it but she won’t, not when it’s who she is. 

"Well Mom, there’s pride so people can celebrate who they are." 

"But why?" 

"Because they want the same as everyone else, rights, representation, the ability to marry and have children without people protesting it," Emma says her hands clenching into fists at her mother’s ignorance. 

"They want to be able to love who they want to love without hate," Regina adds supporting Emma. Emma smiles knowingly at her. Snow looks at them with a frown, "Why are you two so defensive about it anyway?" 

"Why do we need a reason Snow?" Regina asks, "As a human being I believe that a person can love whoever they want and should be able to do so free of the prejudices and hatred of others." 

"And I agree. Pride is all about acceptance and celebration and I don’t need a reason to support it." 

"It’s not your fight," Snow says, "It’s theirs." 

"What’s with this us and them Mom?" Emma asks, "Besides which I’m bisexual and even if I wasn’t I would still want to fight for equality." 

"You’re a what?" Snow asks in shock. 

"She’s bisexual and so am I," Regina replies. 

"What?!" Snow repeats stunned, "So they is why you’re so up in arms about it." 

"No," Emma replies, "I’m up in arms about it because I want to be able to be with the person I love without it being a problem because it shouldn’t be. Regina, Henry let’s go." 

Regina nods at her before looking at Henry who grabs his coat before standing up. 

"Where are you going?" Snow asks, "We’re in the middle of dinner." 

"I know," Emma says, "But I want to be with people who understand that love between two consenting adults is not a reason for hate. I want to be with people who understand that everyone deserves the same rights and the ability to be a family in whatever way they want to define one."

"And no matter what we are a family," Regina tells Emma before they walk away together. 


[…] And really, at the end of the day, they are family.

~ Lana Parrilla (x)



  • Lana called Regina, Emma and Henry a family.
  • Lana said Regina and Emma’s interactions can be perceived as sexual by the audience.
  • Lana said that Swan Queen is an obvious ship.
  • Lana gave us conformation that her and Jen casually text each other about Swan Queen.