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Drabble: We Three Bears

Regina frowns as she rifles through Emma’s closet looking for a shirt to wear. Once again her girlfriend managed to rip through all of her buttons and so she’s shirt hunting. Finally she spots a decent looking grey-blue silk which she swears is hers. 

She tugs at it freeing it from it’s place on the top shelf and as she does a bear tumbles down. Regina frowns in confusion. It’s clearly not Emma’s from childhood. It doesn’t look used at all. It’s a small grey bear with a red stripey scarf not unlike the one Henry has. 

"Hey Regina, did ya find a shirt yet?" Emma asks poking her head frown. She spots Regina holding the bear. "Where did you find that?" 

"The top shelf," Regina replies, "Who is it for?" 

Emma blushes before sitting down next to her girlfriend, “The top shelf is my shelf of special items. That shirt is on there because you gave it to me. That bear was for Henry. I bought it when I first found out I was pregnant and wasn’t sure what I was going to do. After I gave him up I didn’t want to get rid of him because having the bear felt like I had still had a little piece of him with me.” 

"And now?" 

She shrugs, “I figured he’d be too old for bears.” 

"He’s still got the bear I gave him," Regina replies, "and I think if you wanted to it would make sense to give it to him." 


Regina nods, “When you kept the bear it was you two and us three apart, if he has it and puts it with my bear then it’s all of us together.” 

Emma smiles, “Maybe all three of us bears could be in the same house together?” 

Regina smiles back leaning in to give her a loving kiss, “I’d like that.” 

Anonymous asked
Regina has been teaching Emma magic for weeks. Then at Granny's they walk in and everything stare at them. Ruby then tells them that everyone knows they're sleeping together. Regina screams out loud that they are not. Emma gets offended if that'd be so bad. fluffy ending.

Thanks for the prompt anon :) 

The last few weeks have been fun, probably the most fun Regina has had since Henry got his book. After the book it was all curses, redemption, Peter Pans and well you get the point - not much fun. Now though he remembers her and she gets to spend time with her son whenever she wants. She has made peace with the Charmings and she is teaching Emma magic. 

That last one she though was going to be a torturous bore but it isn’t. It turned out to be great fun. She loves testing Emma and helping the woman reach her best potential. She loves the back and forth they’ve built up between them. She’s grown to look forward to the days of their lessons and afterwards she can’t stop smiling. 

Today they’ve just finished a particularly exhausting magic lesson out in the woods. Their faces are flushed red from the climb up and down. Their hair is mussed from numerous times of throwing each other into trees. There are a few rips in their clothes from near misses with thorns. They look a mess but throughout it all they couldn’t stop laughing so of course they’re both smiling. 

They walk into the Diner and everyone turns and stares at them. Regina thought she was done with everyone gaping and whispering at her arrivals but apparently not. She sighs after a few moments before turning to Ruby, “What’s wrong now?” 

Ruby looks her and Emma up down, “Well Regina we all know you and Emma are sleeping together so we’re just wondering when you’re going to finally admit it?”

Regina blushes. She has thought about it from time to time and if she’s honest with herself she is attracted to Emma. She just doesn’t think Emma feels the same way and so doesn’t want to risk humiliating herself, “WE ARE NOT!” she shouts. 

Emma turns to her with an offended look, “Wow. Would it be so bad if we were? Jesus Regina I’m not that hideous am I?” 

Regina blushes before faltering, “N-no I didn’t mean it like that. I mean I didn’t think you would want to. You’re absolutely not hideous but I just thought you had never thought about it and so I-“ 

Her rambling is cut off by Emma leaning forward and kissing her. Regina gasps in surprise before grinning. It’s much better than she had imagined. She kisses back swiping her tongue over soft sweet lips until Emma grants her access. As their tongues dance together Emma backs her into the counter and Regina hooks her fingers into Emma’s belt loops. 

They’re interrupted by Ruby’s loud laugh, “Yeah. You guys totally aren’t sleeping with each other. I can see that now.” 



Lana Parrilla approves! [x]

#he just looks at her #like #lana #lana did i do it right #did i do a good #and she’s like #yes josh #you did a good #the queen approves



Lana Parrilla approves! [x]

#he just looks at her #like #lana #lana did i do it right #did i do a good #and she’s like #yes josh #you did a good #the queen approves

When In Doubt Lady And The Tramp It

*Regina and Emma go to an Italian restaurant and get spaghetti*

Regina *laughing*: Uhm Emma dear?

Emma: Yeah?

Regina: You're dropping all your spaghetti.

*Emma looks down before laughing*

Emma: I know a way to stop that.

Regina: You do?

Emma: Yep. We need to Lady and the Tramp this spaghetti.

Regina: What?

*Emma pulls some spaghetti into her mouth before offering the other end to Regina who scoffs before taking it. They wind up kissing*

Regina: I think that was just a trick to get me to kiss you.

Emma: Of course not. More spaghetti?

Regina *chuckles*: Why not?

Anonymous asked
Prompt! If that's something you're into: Regina has never given/gotten head! Emma shows her what she's missing! Feel free to make it nsfw

addition to that 1st time head prompt: bonus points if emma makes regina taste herself

Thanks for the prompt anon :) 


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Crack headcanon - 4x03 is entitled ‘Rocky Road’ because Regina isn’t going to go EQ/vengeancey at all and instead is going to drown her sorrows in ice-cream.

baccanworld asked
Hi, will there be a continuation of 'Your Eyes'? Really enjoyed reading it. :) Thank you for sharing it either way.

There will indeed. I’m thinking there will be about 4 chapters. I’m glad you enjoyed the story :)

New Fic: Your Eyes

Emma’s memory is wiped but she keeps dreaming about Regina’s eyes when she said goodbye. In an au where Emma meets Regina without her memories, it’s those dreams that pull her closer and eventually remember – archeomedic

Thanks for the prompt and I hope you like what I did with it. I’m thinking it will have about four chapters but I’m not sure exactly yet. I don’t own Once or its characters. Apologies for any mistakes and I hope you enjoy :)

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