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Anonymous asked
Could you write one where Emma finds out that Regina has a tatoo and is totally curious and obsessed with it?

Thanks for the prompt anon :) 

Emma doesn’t notice it for a long time. It’s only when she grows closer to Regina that she spots the tattoo on the Mayor’s wrist. She never spotted it before because it was hidden by suits or jumpers. 

The first time she sees it is the first night they sleep together. Regina has curled into her and as Emma runs her fingers over the other woman’s bare back Regina smiles and slings her hand loosely over Emma’s waist. It’s then that Emma spots the ink adorning Regina’s hand. 

It completely surprised her. She never really figured Regina would be a tattoo kind of person and now she can’t stop wondering about it. She wants to know the reason behind it. Emma has a flower tattoo herself because at a time when her life seemed bleak and hopeless it reminded her that there was beauty to be found in the world. 

They sit together one night watching a movie with Henry though Emma is barely watching. She’s mainly focused on the way that Regina sat down and leaned into her as if she’d been doing it all her life. Emma smiles happily as she puts her arm around Regina and settles in for family night. As she does her fingers run down Regina’s arm before finding her wrist. She traces the feather with her fingertips several times before Regina looks up. 

"What are you doing?" Regina asks. 

"Um…nothing?" Emma replies. 

"You keep drawing over my tattoo, why?" Regina asks as she stills Emma’s hand. 

Emma shrugs, “I don’t know. I can’t help it. I never noticed it before and now that I have I can’t help but be curious.” 

"Lots of people have tattoos Emma. You have one," Regina points out. 

"I know," Emma says, "I just never took you as the tattoo type and now I’ve noticed it I was wondering why you got it." 

Regina smiles as she looks at the feather design on her wrist, “I got it when I first came to Storybrooke. At the time I’d come to start a new life but things weren’t as I expected them to be. I was worried that I was never going to find happiness. I hit a really low point and then I saw a feather floating around near me and I know it sounds strange but it gave me hope. It reminded me that I was now free and could find happiness. I wanted that reminder with me every day and so I got the tattoo so that whenever I felt down I could look at it and feel hopeful again.” 

Emma smiles at the explanation as she traces over it again. Images can be very powerful. Her flower gives her hope as the feather does for Regina. Her obsession with the tattoo was initially out of curiosity. Now she places a kiss over it and thanks it for being there to give her girlfriend hope when she needed it most. 

Anonymous asked
Prompt for you because I adore your Mills sisters stuff. Zelena's extremely protective of her sister, and every time Regina gets hurt or sick in the slightest, Zelena not only plays caregiver, but is also ready to hunt down whoever made her little sister uncomfortable.

Thanks for the prompt anon :) 

Zelena frowns as her sister doesn’t come down for breakfast. Like clockwork Regina is always down for breakfast. For her not to be here is worrying. Zelena’s protective big sister instincts kick in and she wonders upstairs in search of Regina. 

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Anonymous asked
Prompt: Snow is looking for something and sees Emma's browser history - finds some lesbian porn. Then she confronts Emma about being gay, Emma tries to deny it when Regina walks out of her bedroom, covered in sheets with a after-sex hair. :) thanks

Thanks for the prompt anon :) 

Snow hurries into the apartment. She needs to find an email and fast for school. She can’t believe she managed to forget it. Luckily for her Emma’s laptop is already open and running. 

She hopes Emma won’t mind her borrowing it just to print an email. As she clicks on the browser the history opens up and Snow frowns at some of the entries. Her curiosity gets the better of her and she clicks the link. 

As soon as she does she’s directed to a website. A site full of videos. Snow clicks on one only to see two topless women on a bed. She gasps before closing the video and slamming the laptop down in shock. 

At the sudden noise Emma runs out of her bedroom to find Snow sitting at the table with a stunned look. “Mom are you okay?” 

"Are you gay?" Snow asks. 


"I went onto your laptop to find an email but I found something else. I found a video of two women. So are you gay?" Snow asks.

"Uhm I can explain?" Emma tries. She wasn’t planning to come out to her mother this way and she’s not sure she’s ready to bring her relationship out into the open. "It was a pop-up?" she tries seeing Snow’s disbelieving look. 

"Emma what was that noise?" Regina asks coming out at the worst possible moment. Emma turns to see her secret lover walking out of the bedroom door wearing only a sheet and with pretty obvious sex hair. Great timing Regina!  

Snow’s jaw drops as she sees Regina. She looks from Regina to Emma before putting two together. She fixes her daughter with a knowing look, “So is Regina a pop-up too?” 

Anonymous asked
Emma and Regina had a small fight, but Emma, used to being ripped from her homes, is afraid she lost Regina for good, so when they both are at Granny's, Emma calls to the radio and orders a song for Regina (When you're gone by Avril Lavigne - if you could write some lyrics of it, would be great). And then Regina goes to her. Emma thinks she's going to slap her, but instead Regina kisses her.

Thanks for the prompt anon :) 

It’s a small fight. A tiny fight. It was over shoes of all things because Regina was sick and tired of constantly tripping over Emma’s things. It was a small fight that ended with Regina tossing Emma’s boots out into the garden in a fit of fury. 

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Anonymous asked
Emma and Regina having sex and when Regina goes down on her, Emma calls out the name of a past lover. Im thinking Thirteen (Remy Hadley) from House. I shipped them together when i watched it, even though they rarely had any scenes together. Regina gets insanely jealous and hurt. Is that Ok?

Thanks for the prompt :) 


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Headcanon: Regina’s awful at math. In the Enchanted Forest it was never a necessity for a child of nobility to know more than the basics and when she got to Storybrooke, it was never an issue as long as she had a calculator. Then Henry started school and many hours were spent with the two of them…

Anonymous asked
Fluffy SQ prompt! Regina comes home every night clearly in pain from her fashionable heels but refuses to give them up. Emma feels so bad for her girlfriend that her subconscious accesses her magic and transforms all of Regina's shoes into the fluffiest, most comfortable slippers imaginable. Regina attempts to buy new heels, but the instant she tries them on, they're turned into slippers! Thank you! :)

Thanks for the prompt anon :) 

Regina groans as she walks in the door feeling her feet ache with every step. She loves her heels but god they’re painful to wear. She slips out of them with a relieved sigh before sliding down to the floor to rub her sore feet. 

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