Hi, I'm Carly. 21. Third year uni student which means I drown in literature and a sea of paper. Poet, writer of fanfic, listener of music, watcher of many things. Evil Regal - Regina Mills is a beautiful magical unicorn. Somewhat obsessed with Lana Parrilla and Swan Queen but can you blame me?



What if Regina literally gives Emma her heart for Valentine’s Day and Emma gently holds the fragile heart in her hands as she smiles at the gesture. Regina sees her slightly confused expression and says, “Valentine’s Day is where you give hearts to the one you love, correct?” Emma looks away from the heart and smiles up at Regina but before she could get a word in Snow walks by and mumbles into her tea, “I think they meant figuratively.”

The One

Regina: Do you think everyone just gets one person who they're destined to be with?

Emma: No. I think we all get many loves but we get one person who we always love the most.

Regina: Yeah?

Emma: Yeah. I loved Neal. I kissed Hook. But neither are them are the one who I love the most.

Regina: Who do you love the most?

Emma: Answer me one question first - why are you asking?

Regina *sighs*: I loved Daniel. Tink told me Robin was my soulmate but I don't think he's the one I love most.

Emma: Then that's up to you. Dust doesn't tell you who you love most. You just know in your heart Regina. So what does your heart tell you?

Regina: It tells me I love you.

Emma *grins*: Good because I love you the most.

*She kisses Regina sweetly*

Emma: No matter what happens you'll always be the one.

Oneshot: Visit

This is a oneshot that popped into my head. AU - Rumple as Regina’s father. I still feel like Regina would be more banged up after crashing into that car in 3x16. Basically Zelena gives Rumple one hour to visit her in hospital. Apologies for any mistakes. I hope you like it :) 

In the dark of his cell Rumple rests his head in his hands. It’s been two hours. Two agonising excruciating hours of wondering. He wishes for his foresight to return to him but under her control it just will not come. He knows that’s her doing and that she wants to keep him in uncertainty. After all if you why fear the question if you know the answ

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As an SQ shipper I’m not going to get downhearted over an OQ kiss. We’ve already had a CS one and I knew this was coming. 

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*Emma comes down at midnight to find Regina in the kitchen*

Emma: What are you doing?

Regina *blushing*: Nothing.

Emma: You're looking for them again aren't you?

Regina: No

Emma: I told you not until Saturday.

Regina: It's midnight so it is Saturday.

Emma: Wait until midday.

Regina: But I'm up now.

Emma: You're not having your Easter Egg early.

Regina: But I love you.

Emma: I love you too but it's tradition. You can wait until Saturday like Henry.

Regina: I still don't understand this Easter thing.

Emma: You get an Easter Egg tomorrow. For tonight you can come up to bed and snuggle with your Easter bunny.